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Cua Tung Beach to Cua Viet Beach

Sunday January 17, 2016, 31 km (19 miles) - Total so far: 2,902 km (1,803 miles)
   After a light breakfast of oranges and bananas we left the room at 7:30 and headed north to explore the Vinh Moc Tunnels. As planned we arrived just before the tunnel's opened at 8 before the tourist buses arrived.

   The complex of Vinh Moc tunnels were built on the shore North of the Ben Hai River. The construction site took 13 months (1965 and 1966), 18,000 work days of all persons of the village, who used only instruments of tillage and moved a total of 6,000 m3 of earth.

   It is estimated that 300 people (about 60 families) lived permanently in tunnels during the years 1966 to 1972, 17 children were born in the interior of the Vinh Moc tunnels.

   The tunnels extend 2.8 km-long, divided in 3 levels underground 12 meters, 18 meters and 22 meters respectively. The top level was suitable for the life of the families, that lived in small dwellings dug into the limestone rock of 4 m deep, 0.8 meters in height and 1.8 meters wide. The second level was used to store the weapons and supplies, in addition to maintaining strategic meetings. The last and deepest level, was used to seek refuge from the bombing, since American bombs were designed to penetrate 10 meters under the ground.

   It was very interesting to see this again displaying the persistence and tenacity of the Vietnam people.

   After touring the caves we back tracked to Cua Tung for breakfast before continuing south to Cua Vet. It was a short day as we knew that there would be an opportunity for very reasonable high quality resorts at Cua Vet. Indeed we found just that, we checked into the Sepon Boutique Resort and will enjoy the South China Beach and the resort for a few days.

This was one of the many bomb craters above the tunnels. On today's ride we saw many bomb craters. This area was very heavily bombed.

On the grounds above the tunnels

Tunnel 3 entrance

Rub a dub dub one man in a tub.

Great Job Gypsy keeping us the back roads

Lounge area in our room.

Our lovely 500,000 dong $25.00 US a night room at Sepon Boutique Resort. We are across the road from the beach.

Our pool side room

After a delicious lunch we spent the afternoon walking down the beach. See attached link for some pictures of the beach during the war.